Sets2Go is a Virtual Sets library ready to use with AVID/ORAD virtual sets systems.

VANTeC S.A. is the international distributor and service provider.

VANTeC has a vast experience in the market, providing technology, consulting, integration, training and support for the Media market,
developing a set of customized services so that VANTeC becomes the technological partner of our Customer.

The company was founded in 1991, having 25 years of experience in the markets where it operates.
It began its activity by integrating computer graphics and image processing solutions, and worked, since its beginning,
with the leading manufacturers of those days such as NeXT, SGI, Parallax or Alias.

VANTeC has a strong experience in the areas of real-time graphics, either for sports, news or entertainment, Virtual Set Systems and Augmented Reality,
camera tracking, motion capture, with strong experience in selling solutions for post-production, including editing, special effects, 3D modelling and animation.

Based in Portugal, VANTeC integrates some of the most important international providers for the Broadcast, Video and Multimedia sectors,
becoming one of the leading integrators in the national market, as well as providing services and solutions internationally at several european, african and south american countries.